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Self-Directed Search (SDS) Form R

Self-Directed Search (SDS) Form R


Features and Benefits

  • Assess career interests for high school and college students, adults, military veterans
  • Self-administered, individual or group, in just 35-45 minutes
  • New and expanded norms for the SDS codes and scales
  • Simplified directions make it easy to use and understand the Assessment Booklet
  • Educational Occupations Finder has two sections (1) occupational titles listed by Holland Occupational Codes (HOC) order and (2) occupational titles listed alphabetically with HOC code. Both sections list the O*NET code and the educational level required
  • Professional Manual and Fast Guide

The SDS Form R is an easy-to-use, self-administered inventory that helps individuals find occupations best suiting their interests and skills. Individuals answer questions and then add up their scores. These scores yield a 3-letter Holland Occupational Code (H.O.C.) that individuals use to discover occupations that best match their personality types, interests, and skills. The 5th edition of the Self-Directed Search (SDS) Form R contains many revisions and additions to ensure current, comprehensive, and accurate career assessment in a wide variety of settings.

5th Edition Test Components

  • The Assessment Booklet is the basis of the test. It includes sections for users to rate the activities and occupations that interest them; it also allows clients to rate their own abilities and competencies. The booklet provides guidance for interpreting the Summary Code, as well as resources and next steps for the user.
  • The Occupations Finder is an index of Summary Codes for occupations in the Chronicle HOC Career Library On-Line and the O*NET database. Codes are included for each occupation, making it easy for clients to learn more about the occupations that correspond to their code.
  • The You and Your Career booklet explains Holland’s RIASEC model in more detail; it provides strategies for making career decisions and resources for further career exploration.
  • The Educational Opportunities Finder™ helps users identify programs of study that are associated with their Summary Codes.
  • The Leisure Activities Finder™ identifies more than 800 leisure activities that match the personality types identified by the SDS.
  • The Professional Manual provides complete practical information about the SDS, including the theory underlying the SDS, guidelines for administration and scoring, and information about interpreting results. A Fast Guide is included with your purchase of the manual.
  • The Veterans and Military Occupations Finder is designed specifically to help veterans transition to civilian life.

SDS links directly to our  Chronicle HOC Career Library On-Line

Military and Veterans Self-Directed Search (SDS) Form R

 The SDS Veterans and Military Occupations Finders works in conjunction with the SDS Form R 5th Edition Assessment Booklet to help match an individuals Summary Code to both military and civilian positions.  Two indexes link military occupations to civilian occupations (1) Military Occupations Index lists current Military Occupational Classifications (MOCs) from each of the five branches of military: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. Each MOC includes a corresponding two-letter Holland Occupational Code (HOC) and (2) The Military to Civilian Occupations Crosswalk Index lists MOCs from each of the five branches along with corresponding civilian occupations and two-letter HOCs. Using these two indexes, users can locate HOCs for military occupations and their corresponding civilian occupations. This allows users to better understand how they might apply the skills and abilities that they developed in the military to civilian occupations with similar requirements.

Spanish Version Self-Directed Search (SDS) Form R

Designed specifically for use with Spanish-speaking individuals residing in the United States, the SDS Form R, 5th Ed. Spanish Version is a self-administered, self-scored, and self-interpreted career counseling tool that was developed concurrently with the English version.

"SDS" and "Self-Directed Search" are registered trademarks of Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.

Adheres to the following 1996 National Career Development Guidelines Competencies.
High School: I, IV, VI, IX, XII
Adult: I, VI, VII, IX, XII


Parts and Pieces

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