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Self-Directed Search (SDS) Career Explorer

Features and Benefits

  • Helps middle school or junior high school students assess and explore interests for future education and career planning
  • Self-administered, individual or group, in just 35-45 minutes
  • Requires a 3rd grade reading level
  • Offers suggestions and resources for gaining information about a broad range of careers
  • Packaged for classroom use

  • Meets the need for a career assessment instrument appropriate for individuals in junior high and middle school settings. The Career Explorer is a self-administered assessment of a student's career interests. The easy-to-understand framework helps students learn about themselves, their educational and career plans, and the working world in general.

    Students answer questions about their occupational aspirations or daydreams. They assess their preferences for activities, skills, and careers, and estimate their abilities in each of six areas based on John Holland's RIASEC theory. The resulting 2-letter Summary Code can be compared to a listing of over 400 jobs in the Careers Booklet, which also offers information about education, as well as resources for further career exploration.

    Qualification Level A - no special qualifications required

    SDS links directly to our Chronicle HOC Career Library On-Line

    "SDS" and "Self-Directed Search" are registered trademarks of Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.

    Adheres to the following 1996 National Career Development Guidelines Competencies.
    Middle School: IV, VI, IX, X11

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    Parts and Pieces
    Not only are the components available individually but they are also packaged in kits for your convenience:

    *Introductory Kit, see below for pricing
    includes a Professional User's Guide, Technical Manual, Technical Information Booklet, Teacher's Guide, 35 Self-Assessment Booklets, 35 Careers Booklets, and 35 Exploring Your Future with SDS Booklets.

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    6 Item(s)

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